The Roadmap to Literacy
The Roadmap to Literacy is the foremost resource for Waldorf educators who are teaching Language Arts in Grades 1-3
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Introducing The Roadmap to Literacy

Finally!—Clear guidance on how to teach reading, writing, and spelling

One of the most important tasks teachers and homeschool parents face in the early grades is teaching students the fundamental language skills that underlie all future learning. Fortunately, there is a guide to traversing this territory: The Roadmap to Literacy. This book presents the key phases students must master to become literate. The Roadmap to Literacy introduces these phases and provides:

  • The essential concepts and skills that students need to learn in each phase, including an entire section on Phonics Rules
  • Key pitfalls to avoid
  • Ideas to introduce new concepts in an imaginative and lively way
  • Fun and effective practice activities to help students solidify skills
  • Comprehensive lesson planning
  • Easy ways to assess the program’s efficacy
  • How to handle common remedial issues

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