The Roadmap to Literacy
The Roadmap to Literacy is the foremost resource for Waldorf educators who are teaching Language Arts in Grades 1-3

Introducing The Roadmap to Literacy

Finally!—Clear guidance on how to teach reading, writing, and spelling
One of the most important tasks teachers and homeschool parents face in the early grades is teaching students the fundamental language skills that underlie all future learning. Fortunately, there is a guide to traversing this territory: The Roadmap to Literacy. This book presents the key phases students must master to become literate. The Roadmap to Literacy introduces these phases and provides:

Samples from the Roadmap

6a. Capitalization

Rule 29. When to Change the letter I to Y

Rule 2. Beginning Diagraphs

Considerations for Introducing Consonants

Rule 23: Open and Closed Syllables

The Six Types of Phonemic Awareness

Rule 16: Trickster X

Teacher Planning Forms Grades 1-3

Blank Block Plans
Blank Summer Preparation Forms
Example Lesson Plans
Blank Lesson Plans
Example Block Plans
Example Summer Preparation Forms

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