Most of our workshops have been designed to support:

  1. Teachers - Successful Classroom Management, The Nine Year Change, Working with Parents and Colleagues, How to Teach from an Image- or metaphorical speech, Successful Block Planning.

  2. Parent Education Programs - Understanding Your Child’s Temperament, First Grade Readiness, The Media, Science through the Grades (as well as Math and History), Teaching Children to Read and Write- the Waldorf Approach, An Overall Picture of Child Development.

  3. Faculties and Communities - Working with Consensus- a Waldorf Model

This section includes detailed information on several of these workshops, though many are still in note form. If you are interested in one or more of these programs, please contact us.

Downloadable Content

9 Year Change Workshop

Download 9 Year Change Workshop (pdf) 

Download Parent Guidelines for 9 Year Change Workshop (pdf) 

Successful Classroom Management Outline

Download Successful Classroom Management Outline (pdf)