Seventh Grade

A Few Thoughts about Seventh Grade

Exploration, explosions, fire, sexuality, thoughtful contemplation, acids/bases... Sometimes we wonder why Revolution is not taught in the 7th Grade! This is the year when boys’ hormones start surging and they don’t know what to do with themselves. And be warned, any new student, especially if there is some astrality emanating, will become a major focus for those of the opposite sex; after all, the new student isn’t like a brother or sister!

So the 7th Graders’ energies and emotions are bursting out all over the place, but, fortunately, so are their capacities. This is the year of Wish, Wonder and Surprise. If you craft it well, you will get some amazing writing in this block. The study of Physiology provides a context for the students to place their ongoing physical changes, and Chemistry (the study of fire and acid and bases) takes on a whole new meaning when you are living with 7th graders! Then there is the Age of Exploration and the Renaissance - such a perfect reflection of their inner souls. Yes, Seventh Grade can be a challenging year; but if you have fun with the curriculum and remain in the eye of the hurricane- next year will bring amazing rewards for all of you!