6th Grade History and Geography


World Geography Through Climatology (Biomes)

Download World Geography Block - Suggestions for Teachers (pdf)

Download Biomes Poems (pdf)


Roman History

Download Roman History Project (pdf)

Middle Ages

Medieval Block Topics

Download Medieval Block Topics (pdf)

Download Suggested Topics for Presentations on the Birth of Islam (pdf)

Activities for Medieval History Block

Download 25 Activities for Medieval History Block (pdf)

Download Student Assignment: Essay on Birth and Growth of Islam (pdf)

Download Eleanor of Aquitaine Review Game (pdf)

Knighting Project

Download Knighting Project (pdf)

Download Invitation for Knighthood (pdf)

Download Knighting Project Timeline (pdf)

Download Certificate of Knighthood (pdf)

Download Interview of Admired Person (pdf)

Download Knighting Article for Update (pdf)

Download Knighting Ceremony Vow (pdf)

Download Parent Letter (pdf)

Download Stagecoach Etiquette (pdf)

Download Student Assessment of Project (pdf)

Download Vow (pdf)


Ancient Asian History

Download Suggestions for Teaching Ancient Asian History (pdf) 

Download Hidden China Student Dictation (pdf)