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Planning and Presenting a Main Lesson

Forming Your Main Lesson Rhythm

Steiner tells us in the Study of Man, that paying attention to a healthy rhythm or breathing in our lessons is very important. How do you go about planning your Main Lesson daily rhythm so it incorporates movement, various artistic elements, skills practice, lesson review, new learning, bookwork and story- all in two hours? This article addresses the value of each of these aspects and gives you a number of things to consider when crafting your overall daily rhythm.

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Thoughts on Reviewing a Main Lesson Story

When determining your approach to review, ask yourself, “What was the major theme of yesterday’s story? What were the major images, concepts and facts of the presentation?” This article gives ideas on how to be creative and effective with this part of the daily lesson. Though the major emphasis is on story or biography reviews, there is a section at the end on reviewing non-story lessons- such as anatomy.

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Successful Classroom Management

In the lower grades, the students look to their teacher as their role model. If a teacher develops a warm and respectful relationship with his/her students, the students will want to do their best for that teacher. This article lists 27 guidelines that will help you develop a healthy learning environment in your classroom.

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The Use of the Blackboard in a Waldorf Classroom

The blackboard has many uses in a Waldorf classroom - this short but sweet article outlines these uses- First and Second grade teachers should check out use # 5!

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