Planning Main Lesson Blocks:

When planning your blocks, it is helpful to use a four fold approach; one that nurtures the students’ soul, knowledge foundation, academic skills and artistic skills. This article is a very thorough guide on how to make your blocks creative and academically potent.

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Consideration when Planning your Yearly Block Rotation

When sitting down in the summer to plan your coming year, one of the first things you will want to do is to create your block rotation. This article is filled with great ideas for developing a yearly plan that supports a healthy academic rhythm while supporting you with extra time when and where you need it. An example: “I highly recommend starting off with a BANG! Too often, teachers begin the year with the “signature” history block, which can send a message of “Here we are again, next chapter…” Beginning in the 4th grade, I recommend that teachers select, as their first block, an area of study that the students have never had before- this sends a signal to the students that you acknowledge they are different from the year before.”

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How To Plan a History Block

This article delineates the various aspects of planning a history block in the upper grades. It includes a section on: goals, areas of skill development, presentation possibilities, daily rhythm, ideas for retell/review and assignments and how to structure your presentation.

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Summer Block Preparation Guide

In this article you will find suggestions on how you can tackle the monumental task of planning a year of Waldorf curriculum: If you follow these guidelines, your chances of enjoying your summer and being well prepared for your year will certainly improve.

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