Miscellaneous Items

Successful Classroom Management

In the lower grades, the students look to their teacher as their role model. If a teacher develops a warm and respectful relationship with his/her students, the students will want to do their best for that teacher. These articles will help you develop guidelines that will help you develop a healthy learning environment in your classroom.

Download Successful Classroom Management Outline (pdf)

Download Seven Suggestions for Teachers (pdf)

Download Creating Healthy Class Dynamics (pdf)

Download Teachers Impact on Student Learning (pdf)

Download Positive Discipline Approach and Effective Classroom Leadership (pdf)

Interviewing for a Teaching Position: A Few Ideas to Consider

Over the past 20 years, I have been on all three sides of this issue: as a teaching candidate, who once interviewed for a teaching position, as a member of numerous school hiring committees (who did the interviewing) and as a teacher educator who counsels program graduates on the interview process. Though a teacher candidate will spend most of his/her initial interview answering the interview team’s questions, there will be a chance for the interviewee to quiz representatives of the school. Written primarily for the candidate, this article lays out questions that one might consider asking an interviewing faculty. However, faculties might find it helpful to read so that they have the opportunity to prepare the answers to these questions in advance of the interview.

Download Interview Guidance (pdf)

Nine Year Change Workshop

“Rudolf Steiner said; ‘In the ninth year the child actually experiences a total transformation of his being, which points to a significant transformation of his soul-life and to a significant transformation of his experience of the bodily-physical.” For years I have been leading this workshop for second and third grade class teachers and their students’ parents about this amazing time of life. This workshop is set up so that any trained Waldorf teacher can use it as a template for their own program.

Download 9 Year Change Workshop (pdf) 

Field Trip Guidelines (things to think about in your preparation)

I have been planning and taking children on field trips for over 20 years and have found that a trip’s success is due in large part to the advanced planning and organization that I put into it. I hope the following ideas and thoughts will be helpful to you as you look towards your next outing.

Download Field Trip Guidelines (pdf)

Download Chaperone Guidelines (pdf)

Download Field Trip Food Survey (pdf)

Download Basic Packing List for Field Trips (pdf)