Parent Communication

Class Parent Communication: Some Ideas and Thoughts

The creation of a respectful, healthy relationship between the class teacher and the parents of her students is one of the most important keys to being a happy, successful teacher. Way too often Waldorf schools lose otherwise talented teachers to the fallout of parental discontent. Though each teacher and group of class parents are unique, chances are that if a class teacher wholeheartedly takes up the ideas in these articles, parent issues will not be a major issue.

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Colleague Communication

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New Teacher Orientation

When a new colleague joins a school, there is always excitement tinged with a bit of trepidation (on both sides). Though experience will help make it easier when it comes to knowing what supplies to order and how to set up a room, there still remains a plethora of information the new employee will need to know in order to fell at home. This is especially highlighted if the teacher has never taught in a Waldorf school before. This article is really a list of things to consider when bringing a new colleague into your community. It is divided up into areas of responsibility for the administration, the teacher’s in-house mentor, festivals coordinator, director of enrollment, special subject coordinator, member of College or faculty chair.

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