Eighth Grade

Eighth Grade- Whoopee!

"On the final day of Eighth Grade, as I was shaking my students hands at the door for the last time, I realized that I was completely empty- I had given them everything that I had to give... it was not a sad feeling, but, rather one of satisfaction and completion. And what a journey it had been!"

“The Eighth grade is so rich, so full and if you are not careful, very overwhelming. When my 8th grade colleague, Tim Connolly, showed up on the first day of our August, back-to-school meetings with his 8th grade year planned out down to the time of graduation that next June, I chuckled at his ‘over’ preparation…then I entered the summer of my 8th grade year and I realized how wise he had been!” (Janet)

There are a plethora of things to plan for in this culminating year: the Opening Day ceremony, with its emphasis on the 1st and 8th grades, community service, class fund raising, basketball games, dances, field trips, 8th grade individual presentations, current events’ classes, writing letters of recommendation for students, standardized testing, the Eighth Grade Play, the Eighth Grade Trip, the final week, Graduation…and oh yes, we can’t forget teaching the curriculum! But, when you stand at that podium on graduation day and look out at the amazing young people who sit before you, you will know that you have been blessed.