7th Grade History

History and Geography

How to plan a History block

Download How to plan a History block (pdf)

Download Notes on Teaching History - Seventh Grade (pdf)

Download History Resources for the Seventh Grade (pdf)

Age of Exploration

Download Age of Exploration Block (pdf)

Download Explorer Project (pdf)

Download Age of Discovery Quiz (pdf)

Download Paths to the East Dictation (pdf)

Elizabethan England

Download Elizabethan Timeline (pdf)

Renaissance and Reformation

Download Possible Renaissance Topics (pdf)

Download The Creation of an Age (pdf)

Download The Humanists Quote (pdf)

Download Assignment for Jean d Arc (pdf)

Download The First Modern Man (pdf)

Download Francesco Petrarch Review (pdf)

Download Seventh Grade Great Master Project (pdf)

Download Renaissance Vocabulary (pdf)

Download Review for Renaissance History Test (pdf)

Download Renaissance History Test (pdf)


The Masai

Download The Masai (pdf)