Sixth Grade Curriculum Poster

Thoughts on Sixth Grade

My Vow:

“As a Modern Day Knight I will strive to champion what is right, what is good and what is true. I will help others when I can. I will strive to be kind in word and deed. I will do all I can to develop my mind, body and spirit so that I might help make the world a better place.”

As we spoke this vow together on the last day of school, I looked out over my class and realized how much the students had changed since the beginning of the year. They now stood before me taller, stronger and much more confident than in September. They had made the transition into tests and grades and had adopted a higher standard for main lesson bookwork. They were more at ease with themselves and their classmates and more comfortable with their ability to be part of the world and to be able to make a difference within it.

What a great year!