Third Grade Curriculum Poster

Thoughts on the Third Grade:

On the last day of third grade, after a week of reviewing our year, one of my students ran out of the door into the arms of his grandfather yelling, “Papa, I now know how to do everything!” The hands-on experience of the Waldorf third grade curriculum has the students cooking, building, working with fibers, working with money, telling time, preparing soil, planting, tending, and harvesting, etc. Each activity has the purpose of connecting the child in a very concrete way to the material world. In a sense, the world is "demystified" with a growing knowledge of the "how-to’s" of life- A perfect antidote to the challenges of the “Nine Year Change”.

Third grade teachers will find themselves spending many hours after school in their classroom preparing for a plethora of activities and projects that come out of the curriculum. If ever there was a “doing” year, this is it!