Second Grade

Some Thoughts on Second Grade

“I will never forget the first five minutes of second grade; I stood in front of the class and my gaze was met by eighteen eager students, each one sitting straight and smiling, waiting for me to begin teaching! There was no adjustment period- just “Let’s get going!” All of the time I spent bringing form to the first grade had paid off in spades.”(Janet Langley)

The second grade curriculum focuses on deepening capacities. Once again, the blocks of study will alternate between math and language skills, as the students strengthen and expand the fundamental concepts introduced in first grade. In math your students will strive to master columnar addition, rounding, the multiplication tables, estimation, place value, simple long division and more. In the area of language arts they will continue to further their knowledge of the sight words and phonics rules that will enable them to “Crack the Code” of being able to read fluently. They will also use these skills as they begin to spell more and more words on their own and write simple compositions. Nothing is more rewarding than to hear those first students gleefully announce, “Look teacher, I can read!”