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Hi Everyone! Welcome to Waldorf Inspirations first ever blog. Our plan is to use this venue to share timely teaching ideas and news of upcoming workshops that we are either giving or think you should know about. We are also excited to share some of your teaching ideas when sent our way via our website email address. We hope you enjoy this new aspect of our website.

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Blog #3: The Gift of Student Challenge Books

Fraction challenge

Blog #3 is for Grades 3-8 Class Teachers

How can you especially give your gifted students a challenge so that they keep actively engaged in their learning? Challenge Books!  

In every class there are always those students who finish their assignments accurately and proficiently prior to the rest of the class. Of course, you first have to verify if they have completed the assignment correctly and that they used the quality of skill (handwriting and/or artistic presentation) that you requested. But then what?  

We found that beginning in 3rd grade challenge books can provide an answer. These books are a collection of brainteasers and curriculum exercises that can be copied and made into booklets. These exercises don't teach new skills, but rather give these students the opportunity to use those skills they have already been developing in new ways thus we promote that you give these challenge books to each student in the class.  

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Blog # 2: Say “Yes!” to Curriculum Evenings


Janet Langley & Patti Connolly

Blog #2 is for grades 3-8 class teachers.

Say "Yes!" to Curriculum Evenings

One of the main reasons a family chooses to enroll their child in a Waldorf school is that they love what they see happening in the classroom when they come for a visit. They are impressed with the creative presentations of the lessons, how music and speech are woven into the day, and the quality and beauty of the students' work. It is the continued renewal of this "Yes!" experience that Curriculum Evenings provide. Curriculum Evenings are quite a different experience than the usual Waldorf school parent meetings; they are opportunities for the students as a community to share their education with their parents in real time.

We recommend that you host a Curriculum Evening 1-2 times per year and that they occur right after the due date of a major project or at the end of a main lesson block so that the students' latest work can be displayed and/or shared and appreciated. These evenings may be an added event on an already full personal agenda, but the good will and support that they engender is worth every second!
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Upcoming Workshops & Events

Sebastapol, Ca
June 19-21
The Roadmap to Literacy: How to Create an Artistic and Effective Language Arts Curriculum for Grades 1-4.
Wilton, NH
July 1-6
The Roadmap to Literacy: Creating an Artistic and Effective Language Arts Curriculum in the Lower Grades.

The Roadmap to Literacy - Workshop
August 6-8, 2018
The Roadmap to Literacy: Creating an Artistic and Effective Language Arts Curriculum in the Lower Grades.