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You are invited to view our free 2 hour video, “Tough, Bough, Cough, and Dough: Meeting the Challenge of Teaching English".
Tough, Bough, Cough, and Dough (+ Through and Ought!)

These six words with their different pronunciations of /ough/ perfectly exemplify the challenge we face when teaching our students how to read and spell in English. This free, instructional video describes “The Three Streams of Knowledge” that teachers can utilize to form a creative, effective, and comprehensive language arts curriculum for their students in grades 1-3.

Tough, Bough, Cough, and Dough is composed of four parts that together will take 2 hours to view. The segments are:

  • Introduction (16 min.)
  • The First Stream of Knowledge: How Children Learn to Read (28 min.)
  • The Second Stream of Knowledge: Knowledge of the Fundamentals of the English Language (34 min.)
  • The Third Stream of Knowledge: Child Development Based on Spiritual Science [The Gifts of Waldorf] (42 min.)

Join us as we provide you with a ‘roadmap’ to help your students on their journey from ‘learning to read’ to ‘reading to learn.’


Janet Langley
Since graduating her 2nd Waldorf class in 2008, Janet has been supporting teachers and schools through mentoring, evaluations, teacher training, and workshops. Besides co-authoring The Roadmap to Literacy, she is the co-creator of the Waldorf Inspirations website with Patti Connolly.
Patti Connolly
For 30+ years, Patti has been involved in Waldorf education as a class teacher (K-8), remedial specialist, pedagogical director, teacher trainer, mentor, evaluator, and workshop leader. She is currently the third-grade teacher at the Waldorf School of the Roaring Fork (Colorado). She is also the co-creator of the Waldorf Inspirations website.